Network Security

Taken Seriously
Penetration Testing and Audits

Penetration Testing and Audits

Our security experts continually pinpoint any vulnerabilities in the 100X system so all points of access are sealed from threats. Hosting your own network? We can audit your current protection, identify weak points, and implement new measures.

Dual Factor Authentication

Dual Factor Authentication

Our cloud workspaces are accessible only by the registered end-user using a two-factor identification tool by DUO. It’s fast, easy to use, and insures only the approved person has access to their desktop.



We maintain the highest security and privacy standards for all of your Industry, State, and Federal compliancy requirements including FAA and HIPAA and SEC. We have experience in forensics collection analysis using Splunk.

Our Partners in your Security Include

Data Protection

Our 100X hosted environment is secured using the lastest researched best practices. Our Servers and Firewalls are housed in our locked space in a Tier IV facility requiring physical identification using biometric access control in order to gain entry as well as 24-7 security and monitoring.

We use Microsoft Security Essentials for virus and malware protection as well as ConnectWise Automate for remote monitoring.

Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster that has your business in jeopardy, we are here to move forward with you.

We have developed several NIST recommended plans including Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and IT Contingency.

If your network is hosted with us, our backups are continually running, and we can get your data recovered in no time.

End User Security Training

Because the endpoint is where 90% of all security issues reside, our network security solutions include prevention of intrusions, malware, phishing and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks by providing education training to our clients. Knowledge of current threats and how to recognize them and isolate them is the best protection your company can have.

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